Slide Design Project

Speaker Outline

The Importance of Hope

  • Hope has the power to fill our lives with happiness
  • Hope is a gift of the Spirit
  • Leads to peace

But Why Then Is There Despair?

  • Despair kills ambition
  • Hope is a beam of sunlight

What, Then, Is Hope?

  • Hope is not knowledge
  • The abiding trust

Things We Hope For, Things We Hope In

  • Future events
  • Sustain us during our daily walk

Hope Leads to Good Works

  • Faith, hope, and charity

Hope from Personal Experience

  • Never allow despair to overcome your spirit
  • Hope the Lord


Find hope in the face of trials


I first started by looking for one of my favorite talks on hope. I had a good idea of the small clips that I could make to express the message. I first made a list while I listened to the talk and wrote down what pictures I could look for to portray the message. I then put the words and images on paper to have a vision of what it will look like. I wanted a repeating pattern that helped the audience focus on the message and not become distracted by any other elements. I then found the images on google and posted them on the powerpoint. I made sure the key words stood out by finding a color in the image that would correlate with it.


Critique Report

I posted my slide on Wednesday. I got a critique from Kristine who said my slide was very clear, but that the color in the font changed throughout the slide. It may be better to keep the color of each keyword the same. I agreed with her, but felt the color of the keyword would draw the eye of the reader to the image in which they could interpret more from the message.

Link to talk by President Uchtdorf

Font Style: Bold Title: Times New Roman, Body Font: Ariel Hebrew
Link to images: ClimberStabile RocksCrying WomanBeam of SunlightBoy StudyingHugging ChristSunsetPicture of Christ


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